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Cherished Girl Shirts

Cherished Girl Christian Tees


Cherished Girl is Kerusso’s brand new line of Christian apparel and T-Shirts. Each of these Christian T-Shirts is filled with witty and powerful designs that embody the fun and friendship girls of all ages share. Every shirt that is part of the Cherished Girl line is colorful, thoughtful, funny - and focused on faith.

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Cherished Girl Shirts

Christian T-shirts and Men are a Great Fit!

Men love t-shirts, and if they are Christian men then Christian t-shirts are a win-win. Even better, boys who are involved in sports are wearing t-shirts all the time, so why not get them a cool Christian t-shirt? Kerusso makes a lot of Christian T-Shirts that follow what is popular at the current time, many designs are targeted towards the younger demographic. We have t-shirts that have designs of movies, Christian movies, video games, cars, candy, beverages, and an all time favorite Biking! Christian Biker t-shirts are our most popular sellers, and even if you don't have a Harley, these designs will liked by most men. These Christian t-shirt designs are tough looking with manly dark colors and many come in sizes up to 4X.

Christian T-shirts and Women are a Great Fit too!

We haven't forgotten about what kind of Christian t-shirts women would like, we have Christian t-shirts that come is cuts more fitting for women and juniors and come in a larger selection of colors. The designs for the Christian t-shirts are targeted for a women's taste with cleaver messages, bright colors, appealing fonts and in sizes up to 2X. We know that men's Christian t-shirts are probably purchased mostly by women, so we want to make sure there are some good choices available for you too. Check out the new Cherished Girl line, these are the latest designs from Kerusso and these designs have been by far the most popular choices this year since they came out.