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Why Christian's Love to wear Christian T-Shirts?

Everybody loves to wear a comfortable 100% cotton t-shirt and usually we pick shirts that will catch someone's eye. The most popular t-shirts are the ones are familiar or have striking designs, this is where Christian Clothing comes into the picture. Kerusso has done a great job in providing beautiful Christian designs on t-shirts, hats, hoodies and all kinds of accessories. Their designs have a serious Christian message that may be hidden a parody of another familiar brand. This is cleaver because it looks so close to what you are used to seeing, yet there is a powerful message of hope and faith in the design if you look close enough.

The Impact of Christian Clothing

Ever sit in a classroom bored? Yeah, I thought so. Wouldn't you think it would be cool to wear a Christian Tee Shirt with an edgy message and pick your seat in a classroom righ in front of that person you've been praying for. It is hard to approach someone but it is much easier to sit right in from of them with a cool Christian tee shirt or any Christian clothing that can get the thought juices flowing. Christian t-shirt designs are best when they are subtle but provocative, cause thought and possibly an opportunity for someone to approach you with questions about your Christian clothing and what it means. If you had a nice selection of cleaver Christian designs on shirts, hats or hoodies where it can be easily be seen you could be responsibile for bring that person the Gospel of Good News.

Offering high quality Christian clothing that presents Jesus' Message in a very clever and stylish design backed with great service and a secure site so that you can shop in comfort.

You'll find many new designs for Christian T-Shirts, Christian Jewelry, Christian Longsleeve Shirts, Christian Hats, Hoodies and Christian Gifts. We have segmented some specialized categories such as: Christian Patriotic Shirts, Jesus Biker Shirts, Christian Sweatshirts, 3XL and 4XL Sizes, Christian Men's Fitted Shirts, Zippered Christian Hoodies, Christian Muscle Shirts and Junior TShirts.

Christian T-Shirt Fundraisers Done Easy

The economy has yet to fully recover and everyone has tighten their spending budget. Church usually have many needs, all equally important but funds are limited. Fundraising is hard enough but selling Christian T-Shirts is pretty easy because Christians love to wear tee shirts, and even better if they come with a cool, eye catching design. We can help you with your next church or group fundraiser. We specialize it making these fundraisers as easy as possible by providing you with beautiful color catalogs, order forms, FAQs and a fundraiser director's guide. Call our 800 or email us to request a sample kit or we can send you soft copies of the Christian T-shirt catalog.

Need a Fundraiser?

Whether you are a Church or a religious group that needs to raise funds, we can help. We sell the best Christian t-Shirts by Kerusso which has been a well known brand for Christian clothing for over 20 years. Our partnership with Kerusso can allow us to bring together the needs of Church groups or schools and one of the best Christian clothing manufacturer in the industry! Ask us for a copy of our Sample Kit so you can look it all over, see how easy it is to run a fundraiser with us and if you decide to go to the next step, we can send you some catalogs and get you going. If you need some help to run this, feel free to call us and I can tell you some tips for getting people to jump in and order a bunch of these great Christian Tee Shirts.

We offer great prices on all the latest Kerusso Christian T-Shirts and have the largest size range for Christian TShirts starting from 4XL, 3XL and 2XL sizes as well as Christian Youth TShirts and Toddler Shirts.

We specialize in Christian Fundraisers and Group Discounts for your Church Fundraisers, Mission Trip, or Youth Groups. We can provide all our best Christian TShirts and Youth and toddler sized Christian T Shirts for your fundraisers. We help you through the fundraiser process and make it easy for you.